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Happy Easter Message from YWCA Palestine 2023

Happy Easter Message from YWCA Palestine 2023

It is Easter in Jerusalem.
We continue to live under Israeli military occupation, and Palestinian Christians are still denied or only have limited access to the holy sites where they have been celebrating Christ's resurrection for more than 2,000 years. Palestinian Christians continue to follow the path of the cross despite the apartheid wall, the restrictions, and the closures in the hopes of one day joining their fellow believers and pilgrims who go to Jerusalem from all over the world to observe the most sacred time of the resurrection. 

Still, it is Easter in Jerusalem.
We won't give up hope despite the restrictions, violations of human rights, and humiliations that Palestinians are had to endure. We will once more be united in faith and stand together to celebrate this occasion as the light of emancipation and resurrection shines over us. You can bury the truth, but it won't remain there, according to Easter. One day, justice will rule. 

In Jerusalem, it is Easter! 
Let the resurrection deliver us from our gloom and bind us together in hope and strength. 

Christ is risen; he is risen, indeed!
Happy Easter from our YWCA family to yours!

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