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Story of a Young Woman Leader: Aya Rimawi

Story of a Young Woman Leader: Aya Rimawi

Aya Rimawi is a Palestinian young woman living in Ramallah and is a mother of two boys. She is a true example of a determined young woman leader who, despite all odds chose, defiance and resilience.  Her brother, who was her role model and pushed her towards success, passed away. She almost lost her baby at birth whom she named Ghassan after her brother. Her family and she miraculously survived a fire that gobbled up their entire house. Yet, these devastating and bitter experiences made her stronger and more resilient!

Aya has found her passion for volunteerism from a young age. She started to volunteer in eighth grade with one goal in mind; contributing to community development and building a better future for all.  She joined the YWCA of Palestine as a volunteer five years ago through Shumous project and worked to promote and encourage youth volunteerism in her community.

Believing in its mission and social impact, Aya continues to volunteer with the YWCA of Palestine, a place she feels she belongs to. She has joined our internship program through which she has found economic and psychological support after being unemployed for a long time, especially that she provides for her family along with her husband. Her involvement in the program has also helped her rediscover her love for writing, a hobby she hadn’t practiced for some time.

Aya sees her major leadership role in the society as a successful and positive mother who is able to raise her two children well, thus contributing to raising a good generation of leaders that will ensure a better society for all. She believes that education starts at home and that good upbringing leads to social change. Yet, she doesn’t forget her role as a creative and generous young woman leader who strives to leave a positive and lasting impact on the society.  

Aya encourages all women, especially young women, not to give up no matter the challenge for nobody is born successful, but works their way up to success. 

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