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YWCA Palestine holds the Second National Conference on UNSCR 2250

YWCA Palestine holds the Second National Conference on UNSCR 2250

Ramallah - The YWCA of Palestine organized on Saturday, November 12, 2022, in Ramallah, the second national conference "United Nation Security Council Resolution 2250" on youth, peace and security, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Y Sweden.

The conference, which was held under the auspices of Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, under the slogan "Palestinian youth deserve freedom and  just peace", brought together decision makers, including ministers, officials, and representatives of UN and international institutions, with more than two hundred young people, to discuss the reality of Palestinian youth in light of various political, economic and social challenges.

The first session included a discussion about the reality of Palestinian youth under occupation, facilitated by the human rights activist, Lamia Shalalda. The session dealt with the difficult political, economic, social and living conditions experienced by Palestinian youth, which reduce their chances of integration and participation in society and in decision-making processes.

The second session of the conference discussed a draft general policy paper presented by the YWCA of Palestine, entitled “Creating an enabling environment for Palestinian youth to lead for the future.” Prepared by researcher Hassan Mahareq, the paper dealt with a specialized analysis of the reality of empowering Palestinian youth, as an entry point for enhancing political and civil participation, and leadership in production sectors in Palestine, based on a review of national policies concerned with youth, and their connection to international agreements and resolutions related to youth, especially UNSCR 2250.

The third session of the conference was entitled "Palestinian Youth Understanding and their Practice of UNSCR 2250 in the Field" and was facilitated by Ms. Sereen Hoso, Program Director at the YWCA of Palestine, where she focused at the opening of the session on the importance of supporting economic and social leadership projects for young people and the importance of empowering them economically to provide a resource or income that helps them stabilize and perhaps create opportunities for their peers, and the importance of this vision in the union's strategy and programs.


1-    Formation of a national coalition to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2250 with the participation of youth, along with relevant ministries, government institutions and civil society institutions, in order to intensify and combine all efforts to reach comprehensive and just laws for the rights and capabilities of youth.

2-       Assigning a committee comprised of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment and the Ministry of Labor (Employment Fund) to promote cooperation and networking between the three government parties; monitoring market needs; offering suggestions on how to correlate education outputs with the market; opening new areas of entrepreneurship for graduates.

3-    The Higher Council for Youth and Sports must shoulder its responsibility in overseeing sectoral plans for the empowerment and development of youth skills; follow-up on the implementation of policies by the relevant parties; achieving actual and measurable outputs.

4-    Securing the necessary financial resources to empower the entrepreneurship ministry to carry out its duties, especially in creating spaces in the Palestinian market for creative and leadership ideas; strengthening cooperation with the private sector in developing the infrastructure for these projects; drawing on the experiences of other countries, especially Rwanda and Estonia, given the similarities with their poor infrastructure in the fields of IT and entrepreneurship projects. These two countries were able to create thousands of jobs in the youth sector.

5-    Providing the necessary government budgets for scientific research in the fields of IT and digital solutions; taking steps towards applied research in a way that will allow entrepreneurs  to implement their research results and improve production and quality of their solutions and services, locally and internationally.

6-    Networking with international partners to exchange expertise in the field of entrepreneurship; increasing cooperation with external markets and providing opportunities for youth to present their initiatives at international expos; connecting them with funders and global business incubators.

7-    Take legislative and policy measures aimed at ensuring the participation of youth in the decision-making process, at least 30% in various locations.

8-    Continue to build on this conference to contribute to raising awareness among Palestinian youth about UN Security Council Resolution 2250, which enhances the role of youth in peace and security, and the challenges of its implementation in the context of the Israeli military occupation and difficult living conditions.

9-    Encourage the process of supporting young Palestinian leaders to become active and positive agents of change in their societies by involving youth in decision-making positions and mechanisms

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