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YWCA Palestine Participates in the Global Week in Norway

YWCA Palestine Participates in the Global Week in Norway

The YWCA Palestine took part at the Annual peacemaker Global Week which has been organized by the YGlobal in Oslo, Norway, together with youth from the other Participating Partner countries from Greece, Portugal, Finland
, Palestine and Norway. Where two youth members represented the YWCA Palestine, Hani Shninah (a trainer at the YWCA) and Mohammad Daraghma (project coordinator at Alukhowah Club Organization/ partner of YWCA), in addition to the colleagues from the East Jerusalem YWCA   and the Joint Advocacy Initiative for both organizations Nicola Abu Amsha and Muhannad Qaisi.

Through this leadership course, Yglobal aims to further empower young volunteers and youth workers in the field of advocacy, by providing them with the necessary tools and by presenting global issues: how to build a movement, wealth inequality, human rights, peacemaking, and environmental awareness.

The Global Week is a platform to provide young people with tools to reform policies in society, to give young people the opportunity to participate in meaningful dialogues and at the same time to exchange experiences among them. There were many daily topics addressed by young people in the Global Week between climate change - climate justice, Stop Poverty, mental health, gender justice, Free Palestine - conflict resolution and dialogue, and how to implement both UN resolutions 2250 and 1325. Where Hani and Mohammad presented a summary on how the YWCA Palestine implements these two resolutions in its programs, as most of the (YWCA) projects in Palestine revolve around youth, peace and security.

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