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The YWCA Organizes a Youth Meeting on Security Council Resolution 2250

The YWCA Organizes a Youth Meeting on Security Council Resolution 2250

Ramallah 25/6/2022 - The YWCA of Palestine organized on Saturday a youth meeting in Ramallah entitled "Youth Participation in Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security," in preparation for the Youth National Conference for the resolution.


The aim of the meeting was to integrate Palestinian youth into the planning process to raise awareness of participation issues and their association with the themes of the UN resolution, in addition to involving young people in the preparatory work of the National Youth Conference, which will be organized at the end of this year to contribute to championing the rights of Palestinian youth and demanding the implementation of Resolution 2250 at the local and civil levels.


The General Secretary of YWCA Palestine Amal Tarazi stated that the meeting stems from the national and developmental role of the Union of YWCA in Palestine and the importance of recognizing the principles of the youth agenda and the protection of their rights in accordance with UN Resolution 2250.


She also indicated that, in this meeting, the Union is launching preparations for the Youth National Conference on Security Council Resolution 2250 at the end of this year, which seeks to highlight the reality of Palestinian youth in the context of the UN resolution.


She also mentioned the "Wujood" project implemented by the Federation with the aim of empowering women of various ages to be agents of change in their communities, by creating youth models and strengthening their role in society, as part of Security Council Resolution 2250, youth, peace and security, which culminated in four youth initiatives in the villages of Kobar, Deir Abu Mash’al, Nubani Farms and Al-Jalazone Camp in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.


She then stressed the importance of consolidating community efforts to improve the reality of women and young people, noting the federation's role in empowering young women and young people, supporting their community initiatives and motivating them to make positive change in their environment and communities.


The meeting included a discussion on youth participation and the implementations of Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security. Volunteers, youth and human rights activists and members of the Innovation Forum for Gender Issues (AGORA) participated in facilitating activities.


Participants in the meeting of both genders were assigned to different committees and groups to follow up on the work and tasks until the conference convenes, with the aim of achieving the desired results at the national level.

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