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The YWCA of Palestine Implements Community-Based Initiatives in Response to COVID19

The YWCA of Palestine Implements Community-Based Initiatives in Response to COVID19

Throughout the year 2020, the YWCA of Palestine implemented a number of community-based youth-led initiatives in response to COVID19 state of emergency, in cooperation with our local partner organizations, including youth groups, grassroots organizations, NGOs and municipalities. The initiatives aimed to support the Palestinian society and contribute to meeting its needs and mitigating the effects of the pandemic.

From March through May, 20 initiatives were implemented in different localities across the West Bank targeting families, women, youth, school students and children. Around 7500 individuals benefited from the initiatives. Due to Aggravating circumstances and the expansion of the state of emergency, we launched a call for the implementation of more initiatives from June through August. 28 partner organizations as well as youth and women’s groups were supported to implement 31 chosen initiatives.

Through our response initiatives, we supported a number of small women’s projects, provided hygiene and food parcels as well as needed medications, and organized non-formal educational and recreational activities for youth and children in addition to awareness activities to prevent the spread of COVID19. We also provided psychological support for women, children and children with disabilities and rehabilitated public facilities in marginalized areas. This is in addition to helping youth groups and centers to rehabilitate farmlands for income-generating purposes. Around 12000 people benefited from the initiatives, including women, youth, children and the elderly.


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